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We understand the anxieties you must be feeling having to leave your pets in the care of 'strangers'. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you and your pet with our personal touch and hands-on experience. Paul & Lynne are always at hand to discuss any problems or worries you may have in respect of your dog, cat or small mammal's stay here. Your inspection is more than welcome - no appointment necessary.

General Information
We offer help and advice on the best method of transporting your pet, as well as carrying out all form filling for licence application and customs paperwork. We exceed recommendations laid down by the Voluntary Code of Practice.

Airlines charge by weight or volume, whichever is the higher. Your pet will have to travel as consigned cargo (this is a Ministry regulation). The boarding document will tell you how to measure for the travelling box. In our experience, pets that have not been tranquilised fare better than those who have as it takes away the power in their muscles, which can bewilder them. If your pet is a bad traveller then you need to see your vet. Pets should always travel on an empty stomach as this will stop any calls of nature on their trip. There will be food waiting for them on arrival. It is law that all dogs and cats arriving in England have to have an anti-rabies vaccinination on arrival. We would assure you that as dead vaccines are used there is no cumulative effect.

All animals must be fully innoculated. If needed this can be done at an extra charge.

We take a lot of pride in the upkeep of our centre and the welfare and happiness of all our charges. Our dedicated staff have been with us for a number of years and the love and care that they show to our charges is first rate. Our vet comes out to visit each day as the law requires. If your dog or cat needs treatment whilst here we will try and contact you. The vet's fees are charged prior to the departure of your pet.

We always collect our own pets from airports and ferry ports in the UK.

If you wish to use our Quarantine Centre, we will need you to fill out an application form with the following information about your dog, cat or small mammal: owner's name, address, telephone number, breed, sex, age, name, weight and colour, approximate date of arrival and airport/ferry port. We can sort out all the paperwork for you. the only documents you will receive from the Ministry is a white boarding licence plus red rabies control sticker, which should be attached to the travel box. Once you have the documents you can then book the travel arrangements.

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If you require any more information please get in touch through our contact page.

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